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Richmond Hill H.S.
Postponed due
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Hill Hacks!

Hill Hacks is the very first York Region District School Board hackathon. We are excited to invite 300 hackers from across YRDSB to participate in this overnight event at Richmond Hill High School.

Hill Hacks will be an unforgettable experience packed with cup-stacking, innovation, bubble tea, workshops and competition. We are preparing thousands of dollars in prizes.

Hill Hacks was originally scheduled for April 3-4, 2020; however, it is being postponed due to COVID-19.

Teachers, please register on behalf of your students below.

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Frequently Asked

A hackathon is a timed, often 24 hour, event in which teams of student hackers develop a technological solution to a problem. Problems can be themed (provided by a hackathon partner), or selected by the student team themselves.

During the event, student hackers will have access to a workshops, team building activities, free food, swag, and resources for hacking. At the end of the event each team will pitch their project to an industry representative and be evaluated.

Top teams will win incredible prizes!
Hill Hacks will be open to all YRDSB high school students. They will need to register through a teacher/supervisor at their school location.
Since Hill Hacks will be a YRDSB only event, we are accepting registrations through teachers.

If you are a teacher, you can register on behalf of all the students you are bringing through the Register button on our website. If you are a student, you will need to register through a teacher/supervisor at your school. If you cannot get a teacher to register at your school, please contact us at the Contact form down below.

Students must ensure that the following forms are signed and returned to their teachers:

  • Hill Hacks Permission Form
  • Informed Consent Agreement—Field Trip—Multi-day
  • Supervision and Student Expectations for Short Term Overnight
  • Hill Hacks 2020 Equipment Loan and Medical Declaration Form
  • Media Release Form: Consent for Recording Students
Please check with your school's computer science department first, if possible. In the case that they aren't aware of Hill Hacks, notify your computer science teacher of the event. If other students at your school would like to come, ask your computer science teachers to register through our website. If you cannot get a teacher to register at your school, please contact us at the Contact form down below.
Date: TBA.
Teams should ideally consist of students who are fluent in computer programming. As project planning and pitching is important in hackathons, it may be beneficial to have a business student on the team.

That being said, no experience is required. First time coders and hackers are more than welcome!
Students should bring at least one laptop computer and any equipment they might anticipate needing during the hackathon. As this is an overnight event, students should bring any items, clothing, pillows, etc, they might need over the 24 hour period. Finally, students with allergies, or any other medical condition, should provide the details to us and bring any required medication they might need. Students are fully responsible for the safety and care of their own equipment.
The cost of this event is free! Funding is provided by the SHSM program and YRDSB. Transportation is not provided. We encourage schools that have an ICT and/or Business SHSM program to access funds for transportation if needed.
Hill Hacks was originally planned to take place on April 3rd to 4th, 2020; however, due to COVID-19, public schools in Ontario have been shut down until April 6, 2020. We are now rescheduling for the first week of May. The event takes place at Richmond Hill High School, 201 Yorkland St, Richmond Hill, ON L4S1A2.
Absolutely. We will be providing all meals, free of cost. Look forward as well to midnight snacks and coffee.

Oh, and did we mention that we are partnered with Roll N Tea? They will be providing delicious bubble tea for everyone at Hill Hacks! What's not to love?

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